Home soup crock pot split pea soup [Full recipe]

crock pot split pea soup [Full recipe]

crock pot split pea soup

what is a crock pot split pea soup?

crock pot split pea soup [Full recipe]

Classic crock pot Split Pea Soup is one of my favorite food made with dried peas cooked with flavorful ham, split pea. Soup i is warm so satisfying, and perfect for winter for our family is a food that we eat at any time. If one of your family or you are a vegan then it is a great nutrient for him. You can cook the soup in the stove top, instant electric pressure cooker.

Classic Split Pea Soup recipe:

We can make our preparation in just 15 min and cooked in one hour or 1h30 min it s an American food:

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instant pot split pea soup

Ingredient :
4 carrots, chopped
4 stalks celery chopped also
Split green peas
2 cups diced ham
2 containers of chicken stock
Yellow curry
Salt and pepper for taste
You can also make it with split pea soup with ham and potatoes. So how long do split peas take to cook unsoaked peas need at least 1 to 3 hours of simmering soaked one takes 40 min . also when cooking yellow or green split peas is the same time and you must be sure to check it because it needs water a lot and you cook them until they are tender or soft.

Does pea soup make you poop?

Soups are nutritious and easy to digest.they make our poop easier to pass but you must know that peas and lentils have their reputation in this domain they contain complex sugar like raffinose wich the body kind finds it hard to break it down.
Is split pea soup good for you?
Yes, it is a portion of great food with high nutrition and low calorie that make the theme great for health and a portion of fitness food and it contains so much fiber that helps you feel full so in general, you eat less.

split pea soup crock pot

Can you overcook split pea soup?

To tell you the truth it is impossible to overcook you can burn it just that nothing else.so you must be close and check it from time to time or you will bee doomed latterly.
Now I let you see one of the video about making crock pot split pea soup

Instructions :

In the same bowl we combine the carrots and onions and garlic and the stock and we mixed to be a great soup{most basic and important task}.
We add to ham bone in the slow cooker and we wait for 5 h to 6 or even 7hour.
We remove the ham and after that time we realize that is easy to remove from the bone and finally we serve


BEFORE FREEZING THE PEAS YOU MUST let it cool down and after that is ready or safe to do.
I advise you to freeze it in numerous portions so that you can use it when you want.
if you want to add some thickness in your split pea soup you can add some peas to the pot of pea soup and until it will reaches the desired thickness that you want  or you can easily add some flourof any kind you want  and that will be a perfect fast trick to do.
friends, there are so many health advantages of peas soup like weight loss reducing the risk of heart disease it s one meal that is rich in potassium k+ zinc, manganese, and many more.
I want to thank you to pay so much attention in this article I wich that I helped you if you have any questions you are my guest to ask we are here a big family so do not be shy.

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