Home vegan 12 Foods High in Zinc Vegans Can Increase Your |Productivity|

12 Foods High in Zinc Vegans Can Increase Your |Productivity|

12 Foods High in Zinc Vegans Can Increase Your Productivity

Foods High in Zinc Vegans before that what is zinc? Brief, zinc is substantive that helps our immune system and metabolism function and digestion. zinc is also a chemical element with the symbol of Zn. Zinc help also in cell growth and division and that help our body in healing faster.zinc is considered one of the main breaks down of carbohydrate.zinc 
play the main role in the sense the smell and taste.zinc must be eaten during some main phase of our life like pregnancy and for children to help them grow.
12 Foods High in Zinc Vegans Can Increase Your |Productivity|

can zinc food be dangerous for our life, is it safe?

It is one of the most questions that come in mind is zinc safe . can zinc affect our health. The simple answer is that zinc is a helpful needed substance for our body but does not overtake it.but you must know if you want to eat zinc my main advice for you is natural .in foods, not some magic pills they contain chemicals and many colorants and very expensive to buy.

How do vegans get zinc?

Foods High in Zinc Vegans to tell you the truth it is very easy to have vegan food that contains an appropriate amount of zinc for anyone that is in a vegan diet well organized we can find zinc it in many plant sources: grains,legumes but that will come with the need of consuming a larger quantity and that is fine in our vegan diet don t you think so.

Tips for vegans  to increase zinc absorption?

Vegans that want a high zinc absorption must avoid drinking coffee.coffe is an anti-nutrient for many minerals like magnesium iron and zinc .coffe is an ant vitamin like vitamin B.vegans can also do a soaking for the beans, seeds or nuts before eating it help in increase the ability to absorb zinc from the Foods High in Zinc Vegans.

Why Foods High in Zinc Vegans is the Best Things Since since the beginning: 

Many people have a high risk to be in zinc deficiency . and that can happen to children and elders and teenagers also.
Foods High in Zinc Vegans

So it is recommended for women 8 mg and man to eat 11 mg of zinc.pregnant woman must eat 11 mg per day.

List of Foods High in Zinc Vegans:

Lentils :
Zinc per Cup
Zinc per 300 Calories
Zinc per 100g
3mg (23% DV)
3mg (30% DV)
1mg (12% DV)
here is a  red lentil pasta recipes form sheelinfoods.com for you vegans.
Pine Nuts:
Zinc per Oz
Zinc per 300 Calories
Zinc per 100g
2mg (17% DV)
6mg (59% DV)

per 1 Oz Handful
per 300 Calories
per 100g
(14% DV)
(51% DV)
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 11%
Thiamin 65%
Riboflavin 24%
Vitamin B6 37%
Niacin 19%
Magnesium 74%
Phosphorus 75%
Zinc 31%
Copper 101%

Hemp Seeds
Zinc per Oz
Zinc per 100g
3mg (26% DV)
10mg (90% DV)

Squash and Pumpkin Seeds
in every100 g of pumpkins seeds there are 7.99 mg of zinc
Percentage of daily requirement for adults
34.5% for males, and 15.33% for females
18.36% for males, and 25.25% for females
1.2 mg of zinc per 100g
Dark Chocolate
A 4-ounce  100-gram bar of 80% dark chocolate contains 3.3 mg of zinc
Sunflower Seeds
zinc is 11mg (%DV) for Sunflower Seeds
Chia Seeds
Zinc per 100g 5mg (42% DV)    
we have take many stats from this source.

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