Home Sheelin foods red lentil pasta recipe {great ideas} cook it now

red lentil pasta recipe {great ideas} cook it now

the red lentil pasta recipe

with the best and easy food to make and available in all store red lentil pasta recipe
 or lentils with pasta because it works with only tow ingredients only and that good cheap and healthy and rich in protein you know that very good for your shape.

red lentil pasta recipe ideas :

before I write about the best recipes to make I will tell you the nutrition of lentil and pasta
from the USDA National Nutrient Database, we had known that 100 g of raw lentils give us 116 calories {coockerd}and 353 calories fresh.1 % fat 63 % carbs 11 % fiber and 25 %protein.
Pasta nutrition in every 3.5 oz or 100 g they have 31 g carbohydrate starch 26 g fiber 2 g
 We can make many dishes from lentil and pasts :
Lentil Pasta Salad 
Baked red lentil pasta and white sauce 
red lentil pasta recipe vegan

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so guy s and the lady let us start I had bought a portion of pasta at trader joe s so let s make a great red lentil pasta recipe with so much flavor . and what has made me want to try this out more is that lentils are one of the greatest protein plant sources they take me no over than 15 min but a great result.
ok with the first one 

Lentil Pasta Salad

when we talk about a salad it must-have vegetables so I had gone with peas onions mushrooms and of course some lemon or vinaigrette 
red lentil pasta recipe {great ideas}
red lentil pasta recipe {great ideas}

ingredient :
100 g of green pasta {just because I liked the idea of salad and green you can use any kind of it }.
1 lemon or lime 
90 gram of salad cream or mayonnaise even Cesar sauce if you want 
1 pinch of sugar and pepper and salt
2 mushroom chopped 
3 onions also chopped 
60-gram peas
and the most important ingredient red lentils 70 gram

Baked Red lentil pasta with white sauce

for the white sauce we will make it with olive oil and wheat flour 

Red lentil pasta with white sauce

Red lentil pasta with white sauce

and roast until it transforms to gold after we add milk little by little once it starts to boil we add chili pepper and salt we heat oven to 400 degree in 10 min and we enter our past with white sauce and same cheese I prefer parmesan until it transforms to goldy shinny Red lentil pastaBaked Red lentil pasta
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